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Safety Integrity Level Tool (SIL) - SIL Verification Software

SILability - SIL Verification Tool

SILability was designed and coded by functional safety specialists with many years of experience of performing large, complex SIL workshops. It is designed to make it easy to perform large SIL verification projects with the minimum of effort. It includes, but not limited to, a wealth of convenient features not always found in other software products, such as:

- Support for user component database

- Space to enter comments for every item of input data

- Change units of measure

- Data check features

- Quick and easy report generation

- Thoroughly tested calculation engine

- Seamless integration of Partial SIFs into a host SIF

- Support for the latest edition of IEC 61511


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Thoroughly Tested Calculation Engine

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Comment While You Work

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Check Features

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Friendly Export Formats

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Change Unit of Measures

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Comprehensive User Guide

Questions About SILability?

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