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Introduction to SILability™ - SIL Verification Software

Safety Integrity Level Tool (SIL) - SIL Verification Software

SILability™ - SIL Verification Software

SILability is a Safety Integrity Level (SIL) verification tool from xSeriCon - Safety specialists and risk consultants. SILability uses input data supplied by the user in an easy-to-use interface, and performs calculations to derive all parameters needed for successful SIL verification.

This includes:

- PFDavg (average probability of failure on demand) or PFH (probability of failure per hour)

- Maximum SIL achieved based on PFDavg/PFH

- Maximum SIL achieved based on architectural constraints

- Safe failure fraction

- PFDavg/PFH contribution of each individual component

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Trial License Available

xSeriCon™ provides trial licenses to clients for a set number of days. SILability™ is easy to set up and install with both Windows PC and Mac OS versions available.

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